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New Membership Guidelines!

Greetings Humboldt Relief patients! Several prospective patients have been waiting for this one….we are temporarily opening our collective to new patients from now until January 1st, 2012! Here’s how to become a member of the best medical marijuana dispensary in Reseda:

-All new patients MUST be refered to the co-op by another existing member of HR
-The existing member (with membership receipt) must bring the “new” member, and be present the day in which the “new” member signs up
-Both the new member and existing member must bring California ID and valid recommendation by a licensed physician under California H&S code 11362.5
-Existing member should inform new member of membership fees and duties

We appreciate your compliance and look forward to serving your medical needs. One Love!

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Medical Marijuana Menu Highlight: Diablo 23

Greetings Humboldt Relief patients! Today we’d like to showcase a super mellow medical marijuana strain from our top shelf, Diablo 23 OG:



Diablo 23 Nug

DIablo 23 Nug

Diablo 23 Close Up

Diablo 23 Close Up

Diablo 23 is the same as our regular Diablo OG strain, but it’s grown by a different person. Many patients find the Diablo 23 delivers a nice head change without an overpowering bodily effect. It’s suitable for day or nighttime medicating. When you drop by to grab some, please remember to bring your recommendation as well as your ID with you to our Reseda collective. Our members must produce these documents at every visit. One Love!

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