Medical Marijuana Menu Highlight: Brutus

Greetings Humboldt Relief patients! We know you’re all going to wait until after 2pm to pick up your medication today during our Hump Day Special. That way you’ll be able to grab top shelf for $45 per 1/8th and $85 per 1/4. But this situation poses a dilemma because the Brutus is in stock:



Brutus OG

Brutus OG Nug

Brutus OG Close Up

Brutus OG Close Up

As many of you know, the Brutus OG medical marijuana strain sells out very quickly; it might not last until 2pm. We trust you’ll make the right decision. One Love!

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5 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Menu Highlight: Brutus

  1. LongTimeHRpatiyent

    Overall I rate HR as a great club, On the other hand I would have thought after me going to this place, WEEKLY since they were open in 2007, They ALL have seen me and know who I am personally.

    I thought of HR as a family, that is till I realized my family does not just care about my money!

    I have to admit that you guys fooled me with the catchy Brutus ads and how its always better then before.

    Im not a fool, I use my medication for pain and stress management. If they are sub-par meds they dont work right. I used to NOT have this problem from HR.
    I have now noticed that you guys keep treating me more like a dollar sign the past few months.

    For that I say, There is no reason I need your service, next time I am in the area I will be stopping by to retract my membership from your collective, I must say its a disappointment but until recently I never noticed your dispensary is not the most compassionate and does NOT have the best meds and selection of different strains.

    When JJ was in the house I was always treated with respect as a fellow patient alike everyone else in the co-op.

    Since the loss of him your strains and companionship have gone way down hill. Sad to see

    I dont expect anyone to actually read this but I will be speaking with harry and armen about this upset and the way I have been treated by zach.

    1. Katherine Post author

      Hello! We’re sorry to see you go, but we’ll issue a refund on your membership fee no problem; come by at your earliest convenience. We wish you the best in the future!

      1. LONGtimeHRpatient

        Thank you for the reply and the refund. I also had just been in there recently and got some of this brutus strain, An 8th. I thought this was a good strain and always smelled very potent.

        Once I arrived home and took the medication out of the jar you served it to me in. I realized it had a different smell. Its not that I have anything against your co-op or this strain but it just seems really off im smell compared to the plenty of times i have had it before. As for the looks it seems to be good but very dry, Not sure if it was just cured to fast or what?

        What should I do with the poor brutus meds?

        1. Katherine Post author

          Long time HR patients already know about our return policy. We will exchange medication for any reason, no questions asked.

          It sounds as though you’ve already gotten your membership fee back? If so, you cannot exchange medication because you’re not a member of the collective. Otherwise, bring the Brutus with you when you collect your membership fee.

          1. LONGtimeHRpatient

            Thank you, I have not been in to collect the membership fee yet.

            I live over an hour from the San Fernando Valley So I will be in there when I can.

            I do know about the return policy but they used to just want to give me other meds and not ever refund my money…

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