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Medical Marijuana Patient Raffle #2!

Hello, patients! The Humboldt Relief family really enjoyed our previous medical marijuana raffle, so we decided to have another! This time around, we’re giving away 1 oz. of our famous top shelf Indica, HR #23! The tickets are $5 a piece; 200 are available. We will hold the drawing as soon as all the tickets get snatched up. Proceeds will once again go to the local Children’s Hospital! Here are a few pics of the prize:

Raffle Info


1 oz Raffle Jar


Let’s have a closer look at that fine medication:

HR #23 Raffle Nug


HR #23 Raffle Close Up


HR #23 Close Up


Please donate to this worthy cause. Good luck , everyone! One Love!

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Winning @ Humboldt Relief

Hello, patients! You never know who you’ll run into at Humboldt Relief. For instance, you might see an F-18, the Gnarly One himself, Mister Charlie Sheen:




Yes, all told, it was just another sunny day in Reseda……One Love!

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