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More Measure M Madness

Hello, patients! As you already know, the staff at Humboldt Relief opposes Measure M. We urge you all to vote NO on M on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011. Here’s some more information about this ballot initiative, courtesy of the Greater Los Angeles Caregivers Alliance:


Los Angeles, California
February 23, 2011

Furious at the behavior of the Los Angeles City Council, which has voted to choose who may operate medical cannabis collectives via a lottery, a coalition of activists, patients and patient rights groups have vowed to oppose Measure M on the March ballot. The 5% tax generated by Measure M would provide the money needed to establish the lottery.

“The Los Angeles City Council is using a lottery, rather than selecting the oldest facilities with clean operating records and allowing them to serve the patient community. To demand patients to pay a tax, which would then be used to gamble away patient safety, is simply unacceptable,” remarked Yamileth Bolanos, President of the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance.

Measure M would impose a 5% tax on medical cannabis acquired in the City of Los Angeles. Patients already pay a sales tax of 9.75%, making the combined taxes a patient would pay for medical cannabis a whopping 14.75%.

A coalition of the oldest medical cannabis cooperatives and collectives met on Wednesday, February 9, picking up Anti-Measure M materials for patient education as well as voter registration forms.

“I don’t mind paying the tax,” said one, “but playing Russian Roulette with patient safety while simultaneously forcing the sick and dying to pay for it is morally repugnant.”

It’s estimated that medical cannabis patients number over 200,000 in the City of Los Angeles, and the number grows every day.

The Anti-Measure M coalition has established a web-site at: http://www.notaxonmedicine.org/ It will be conducting events around the city to educate patients as well as voters on the dangers of a lottery.

The first of these events was an “Activist Boot Camp” conducted by Americans For Safe Access on February 18th and 19th. Over a two day period, patients were given all the tools they need to defeat Measure M.

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Humboldt Relief Medical Marijuana Menu 3/4/11

Hello, patients! Here’s your weekend menu! Notice the awesome OZ specials!

Top Shelf Medication 20/50/95
Larry OG
Jane Doe (8th Limit)
White OG
Firewalker OG
King Arthur
Platinum Church
HR Diablo
HR 23 (8th Llimit)
Double Sour OG
Plain Jane- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th
HR OG- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th
Zeus OG- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th
Tahoe OG- SPECIAL:4 gram 8th

Mid-level Medication15/45/85

818 OG
Pre 98 Bubba
Fire OG
Alien OG
Banana OG
MK Ultra
Blackberry Kush

Mid-mid Level Medication 15/40/75

Bubba Church

Budget Medication 10/35/65

Greenhouse Sweet Tooth Bubba
Greenhouse Sour Diesel
Greenhouse Bubba
Greenhouse OG
GDP X Bubba

Super Value Medication 10/30/55

Pine Valley

The Jane Doe is almost gone, but the Larry just walked in the door! One Love!

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